Exterior Painting


Turner Painting Company specializes in all areas of exterior painting. For 33 years in a row, Turner Painting Company has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award and has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  The owner also ensures a well-trained, polite, and clean-cut crew that customers can feel comfortable with around their home.

The many before and after pictures of homes restored by Turner Painting Company in Kansas City confirm the professionalism and attention to detail of their work they’ve become known for.

·       Minimum 25yr Warranty Paint

·       Pressure Washing 

·       Carpentry repairs

·       Mildew & Algae Remediation

·       Masking & Protection

·       Sanding

·       Priming & Stain blocking

·       Scraping

·       Spackling

·       Caulking

·       Professional Paint Application

·       Spray, Brush & Roll

·       Paint/Stain & Varnish

·       Storm Windows & Shutters

·       Trim Application

·       Metal Applications


Our Kansas City Metro area weather is no joke when it comes to maintaining exterior structures. Moisture intrusion can lead to structural damage within just a matter of a few years. Our exterior painting services begin with a clean slate. This means pressure washing for dirt and mildew removal so that the new coating can properly bond to its substrate. Per the scope before we dip into paint, your home will be thoroughly scraped, sanded, caulked and primed to seal any bare wood and gaps that can contribute to moisture intrusion. Surface preparation or prep, is a detail intensive step as Turner Painting Company stands behind the fact that prep work is key for a long-lasting paint coating. Once the final drop of paint is applied, our professional team of American employees will stay on site to perform a walk through with our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.


When a home or property is not properly maintained for a long period of time, or is improperly maintained, and has chronic failure present (bubbles, sheathing, etc), the Lead Paint Removal process is the only solution beyond replacement of the siding to “fix” the problem. The historic wood on these older buildings would be astronomical if replaced with a similar quality of wood, and the unfortunate reality is most siding contractors offer awful finger joint options from today’s lumber suppliers of which is not worth your money. We specialize in dealing with chronic failure, and with our team of premier paint removal specialists we can bring even the most dilapidated home or business back to like-new condition.
Here in the Kansas City metro area, buildings are subject to constant moisture that over time can degrade their integrity. Exterior restoration may be necessary if a building is experiencing chronic failure; chronic failure is typically identified as an area where the substrates are failing and not sound enough to hold the tension of new paint. An example would be an area, typically exposed to the sun where you see bubbles or sheathing of paint, and another coat of paint is probably the last thing needed and definitely a waste of your resources as these areas will never perform unless we get back down to a sound substrate, of which usually incorporates the removal of the paint.
The key to a successful restoration is first understanding the root of the problem. This could be the integrity of the initial prime coat itself as a 100 year old layer is very fragile, the level of adhesion between the various coats of paint, an inferior product at some layer, or most often condensation build up as the previous painter caulked and sealed up the whole wall of which is supposed to breath. Selecting the proper materials and procedures is imperative to select the proper solution to the root issue, rather than just treating the symptoms, of which never covers the liability adjacent to the visible issues.
If your building or deck is in need of repairs in order to protect its value- We can help. Each solution will be tailored to the specific needs of each individual project.